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I am an amateur astronomer living in Suffolk, in the UK. I have always had a passion for Science, I enjoy reading about Space as well as learning more about the Universe in which we live.


I really got into astronomy in 2006, after receiving a 3 inch telescope as a gift from my Wife. From that moment on, my passion for astronomy, and particularly astrophotography, has continued to grow.


Whether you are new to astronomy or have been practising astronomy for many years, I hope that you find some of the content here interesting and useful.


Happy viewing, and here's hoping for "Clear Skies".

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This is my second attempt at imaging the Orion Nebula. This image was made up from nine 5-minute light frames with dark and bias frames substracted using Deep Sky Stacker (DSS). The image was processed in DSS and then in GIMP 2. The images was taken on the 24th January 2017 using a Canon 450D DSLR and an Omni 127 XLT telescope at prime focus. I used a Light Polution Filter in order to reduce the negative effect of from nearby street lights.


I'm really pleased with the detail in the forground dust clouds that reach across to the the bright centre region came out. This region contains the four stars that make up the "Trapezium" cluster.

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